Step 1 - DIET...

Ok.  We use the term mainly for clarity.  Truth be told,  to be successful, you have to create a new lifestyle - that means changing your eating habits.  You have to establish this as a new normal.

That said, many find themselves confused and not sure where to start, so we offer the following as a starting point so you can determine what's right for you.

Look at the information.  If you like the approach... try it.

NOTE:   Don't feel you need ANY prepackaged "program" to learn great eating habits.  There's a ton of information online that can provide you everything you need to eat healthy. There's this little thing called Google. I'm sure you've heard of it :-)!


So do something AMAZING for YOU.  Make a DECISION!

Go ahead - I'll wait...  (imagine Jeopardy music playing).

Come back when you've decided.


Without a doubt, the most and fastest weight loss I've ever experienced was with a low-carb diet.  Which is basically what the Keto Diet is.

Be mindful, It can be very restrictive in respect to your food choices - however, if you plan carefully and get creative...

Low-carbohydrate diets can help with heart disease, type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure...


Based on "carb-pairing", this one claims to alter the metabolism and burn fat without "dieting".

It's targeted at women over the age of 25.  There are some impressive testimonials.   Might be worth a look...


This is a 21-day program created to help you lose weight rapidly.  Supposedly helps you to avoid the rebound weight gain common on other rapid-loss programs.

They utilize spices and other "cutting edge" ingredients and their own patent pending Flat Belly Fix Tea.

Intermittent Fasting

This is what I personally use and I LOVE IT. Intermittent Fasting is simply eating within a specific window.  Most common is what's referred to as the 16-8.

Basically you fast for 16 hours and then eat within an eight hour window.    The science behind it is pretty amazing.  But you probably have just one question - Does it work?

Yes.  I wholeheartedly recommend it.  It is a great eating strategy and one that's become a lifestyle choice for me...


This program is mainly for those suffering from Type-2 Diabetes.  But weight loss is an added benefit of controlling your sugar/carbohydrate intake.

It's also been proven that too much sugar can cause disease.  Additionally, there are certain cancer cells that can be killed by blocking thier access to sugar...


Do It Like A Band-Aid.

Best way to take off a band-aid? Fast. One rip and it's gone.

Well, the exact same principle applies to losing fat.

Trying to lose fat slowly is a terrible idea. In fact, you should strip away all your unwanted body fat the same way you'd remove a band-aid - get it done quick and be done with it forever.

Not sure which program to choose?  Don't have time to play  the nutritional Sherlock Homes?'

Feel free to email me  or use our "contact" page and I'd be glad to offer some suggestions.

Okay.  Made a decision?  Good.


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