keto hair loass

Keto Hair Loss – Top 5 Reasons

keto hair loss

Keto hair loss is a thing.  If you are in doubt, you only need to visit Keto, and weight loss focused forums or Facebook Groups for confirmation.

You see, while you may have researched possible keto side effects, nothing…absolutely nothing will prepare you for the sudden thinning hair you may experience after transitioning to a keto diet.

Experts say individuals on Keto can begin to notice a little more than usual hair on their washbasins or comb after two to three months of changing diet, but that Keto is not to be blamed entirely for the shedding. They believed there are other possible explanations for the hair loss most people new to ketogenic diet experience.

In this post, you’ll learn about these factors and what you can do to prevent hair loss on the keto diet

keto hair loass

Keto Hair Loss – Vitamins and Mineral Deficiencies

Essential minerals and vitamins play a crucial role in the health of your hair. They are involved in the replenishing of hair follicles. When you are not consuming enough of these vitamins due to your new diet, the hairs begin to fall off.

By supplementing on multi-vitamins, you will supply your body with the needed minerals for a healthy, full, and lush hair.  There are also specific supplement that support not only hair growth but general health as well.

Keto Hair Loss – Lack of Calories

Keto diet typically focuses on helping you cut back on the amount of calories per meal. Unfortunately, most people that are new to ketogenic dieting forget to replace these carbohydrates with healthy fats. The result is that their body goes into shock, and one of the effects is hair loss.

Also, during low-carb intake, the body spends less energy on non-vital functions like hair growth, which in turn leads to hair loss.

To fight thinning hair, consider a proper meal plan that makes allowance for adequate calorie consumption

keto hair loss

Keto Hair Loss – Stress 

Stress, whether as a result of nutritional deficiency or psychological, plays a vital role in hair loss.

Transitioning to a keto diet can heighten the amount of stress your body undergoes and can often lead to a sudden loss of large clumps of hair.

Dietary changes can trigger stress, which causes hair loss, and you may want to keep stress at a minimum in other areas of your life.

Keto Hair Loss – Inadequate Protein Intake

Amino acids from protein food are the body’s building block. They are essential in the repair of worn-out body tissues such as the hair growth systems.

Inadequate protein intake could mean your body wouldn’t have the necessary building block for healthy hair growth.

Keto Hair Loss – Your Gut Health

Your gut health affects every system in your body. Unhealthy gut microbiome can prevent biotin production. Biotin is an essential mineral the body uses to convert food into energy.

Poor gut health can lead to leaky gut syndrome, which will make it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients. Thereby creating stress that would, in turn, trigger hair loss.

To improve your gut microbiome, you may want to consider taking probiotics.

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