Let's recap.  Diet?  Check.   Cardio?  Check.

BRAVO.  Nicely done!

That brings us to the third component... resistance/weight training.

Let there be no doubt, DIET is, many would agree, 80% of the equation in getting and staying lean.  Way above cardio and weight training.

However, let's do a little experiment.  Visit any gym and look at the bodies of the people on the standard cardio machines.

Now take a gander at those lifting the iron...

Big difference huh?  Darn Skippy!

There  are a myriad of reasons for that but let's keep it simple... muscle looks good!

Even if you lose the fat but have no muscle?  Not very impressive.  Is it?

OK.  Enough with the dribble.

Simply put, RESISTANCE TRAINING is using resistance to challenge the muscles.

One can use weights, bands or even the body itself.

The important thing, to be most effective, is to use what's call Progressive Overload.  Which basically, is doing more "work" on subsequent workouts.

In other words, you do more reps and/or sets or more weight or resistance each workout.

Are You Ready?

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